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    Working Hard and Happy Live Ⅱ

    • Author:Vivian Zhou
    • Source:Original
    • Release on :2018-05-19

    Working Hard and Happy Live Ⅱ

    Except the Accumulated Points Assessment Plan for all OCOM Staff, OCOM has special rewards for sales team.

    Each sales should set a goal for the coming new year in the year beginning.
    And the management team will make a goal for the whole team accordingly. Different rewards will be set also for different performance when they achieving it.

    The reward combines by 2 parts.
    1.For team, when a month past away, account department will announce the final sales result for the whole team. If they reached or exceeded the goal, the whole team can get different rewards based on different sales amount. The rewards include traveling, KTV and meals etc. On the other hand, if the team haven't reached their goal, the "punishment" will be some exercise like hiking, claiming mountains and so on.
    2.For sales, the reward will be effected after a year. It will be traveling mainly. No "punishment"  :).

    Through this kind of reward and "punishment", OCOM want to build a team with strong sense of ambition and responsibility. And they did.

    Here we'd like to share some pictures of the traveling reward for Vivian. In 2017, she exceeded her goal. She went to Zhejiang Province and spent a happy Labours’ Day holiday with her families.