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    European Big Buyer Visited OCOM Thermal Printer Production Line

    • Author:Mercy Zhang
    • Source:OCOM Originals
    • Release on :2014-12-10

    F* company from Croatia visited OCOM thermal printer production line on Dec 5th, 2014.  

    F* is a famous software company from Croatia which has been focused on retail mobile payment system for years. Since 2012, F* has been one of the biggest clients of OCOM for thermal printers. The products cover 58mm/80mm USB Thermal Printer and 58mm/80mm Bluetooth Printer.  OCOM Printers take more than 30% share of the whole Croatian market. All printers connected to Android tablets. This Printer + Android Tablet + Software combination is not only popular in Croatia, but also hot in other nearby European countries. 

    During this visit, F* studied all procedures of OCOM Printers production, and had a satisfactory conversation with OCOM about the further cooperation in near future.  

    After meeting, F* CEO Mr. Tom played Chinese Ping Pong ball with OCOM clerk. It is an impressive experience to both parties.