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    2018 The Dragon Boat Festival Rest Notice

    • Author:Lanlan
    • Release on :2018-06-15

    To all valuable customers,
    On the occasion of the Dragon Boat Festival,We'll take off 3 days for Dragon Boat Festival
    as national regulations,  from 16th to 18th June, 2018. We'll back to work from June 19. Therefore, all shipments cannot be scheduled in this period. Here we apologize for the  inconvenience caused by the holiday! However, you can still contact our sales for urgency,our Sales will check e-mails from time to time.
    Wish our partners a happy Dragon Boat Festival in advance!
                                      OCOM Technologies Limited

    The origin of the Dragon Boat Festival:

    Dragon Boat Festival is one of the biggest traditional festivals in China.
    In folk culture, Chinese people will hold dragon boat race and eat Zongzi to commemorate Qu Yuan who is a great Poet.
    It is said that Qu Yuan jumped into Miluo river on the Lunar May 5th.
    After his death, he was trapped by Dragon.
    The people are very sad, so they threw their Zongzi into water on that day every year to drive out the dragon.
    It was also reported that after Qu Yuan jumped into the Miluo river, the locals heard the news and rowed to save him immediately.
    They went straight to Dongting Lake and eventually they haven't found Qu Yuan's body.
    In order to show their sorrow, people paddled on the river and then gradually developed into the dragon boat race.