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    Christmas Greetings And Warmly Tips

    • Author:Monica Fu
    • Source:Originality
    • Release on :2018-12-10

    Christmas Greetings And Warmly Tips

    How time flies! Christmas of 2018 is around the corner, this means new year is also forthcoming.The POS machine market is changing all the time, but our service customer's mission won't change at all.

    Take this opportunity, we want to extend all of our appreciations to our customers, and let's get ready to embrace a brand-new and prosperous 2019!

    Warmly Tips:

    As you know the Christmas season will get busy with factories and then we have CNY, all the suppliers are shipping goods before the holiday season,so let's move fast.

    Because of the busy production season, we need to queue for theavailable shipping space. Please make your decision as soon as possible to avoid further delay.

    The ealier you place the order,  the sooner we can schedule the production plan.  Thus, highly appreciated if we can receive your order confirmation soon, and arrange prouction without delay.


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