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    Cleaning of Thermal Printer Head

    • Author:Vivian Zhou
    • Source:Original
    • Release on :2017-03-03

    Cleaning of Thermal Printer Head

    When the printer has the following conditions, you should clean the printer head:

    1. The printer does not print clearly but the thermal paper is Ok.  
    2. The printer Print pages lengthways is not clear  
    3. It’s getting too noisy while feeding paper or printing.

    Printer head cleaning steps are as follows:
    1. Power off the printer and open the paper room cover. Remove the thermal paper roll.
    2. If the printer just finished printing, please wait for the print head to cool down.
    3. With a soft cotton cloth dipped in ethanol (please make sure there is no dripping), wipe the thermal printer head gently and remove dust or stains.
    4.  Wait for the complete evaporation of any ethanol, then place the thermal paper roll back in the printer and close the paper room cover, then print a test page.


    1. When the printer maintenance must ensure that the power is shut down
    2. Hands or other metal tools away from the surface of the printer head, do not use tweezers to scratch the surface of the printer head and other sensitive parts.
    3. Do not use gasoline, acetone and other organic solvents for printer head cleaning.