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    Internal Training - Printer

    • Author:Doris Jiang
    • Source:Original
    • Release on :2018-10-23

    Internal Training-Printer

    To improve the sales skills and enrich the production theory of our employees. OCOM Organized all members of the overseas team to attend the product training from 14.00p.m. to 18.00p.m on Oct 20th.

    During the period, the product manager explained the product classification, product differentiation and other content in details , so that all members of our overseas team have a more comprehensive understanding of our printers, and have a deeper understanding of the main features and functionson the printer . And, at the end of the traning , through the form of questions and anwers, all the employees who participated in the training will consolidate the existing knowledge and realize the lack of our own business knowledge, and will be targeted in the future study.

    The regular training organization of the business skills not only increases our staff's business ability, but also promotes our employees to find problems in the process of continuous learning, enhance ourselves, and be more comfortable in the future work.