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    How to set the VFD customer display Serial port baud rate

    • Author:Hans
    • Source:Original
    • Release on :2015-01-20
                                     How to set the VFD customer display Serial port baud rate 

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          "Baud rate" is the modulation rate, refers to the changes after the signal is modulated in the unit time, meaning that the number of carriers per unit time parameter changes. 
    Serial communication devices must be consistent when the PC port baud rate and lower machine. Therefore, the next crew to modify the baud rate is very important!
          VFD220 customer display how to modify the baud rate it? First, we need to understand the instructions to modify the baud rate, the following table:

    Modify the baud rate to use serial debugging assistant tool, first connect the PC and the customer display, open the PC port, the port baud rate is set to the host computer and the customer display the current baud rate is consistent. Then change the baud rate to port to send instructions to complete the modification.