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    New arrival-58mm thermal receipt printer with big paper holder-OCPP-587

    • Author:Judy Jin
    • Source:Originality
    • Release on :2016-05-09
    Compared with 80mm thermal printer, usually 58mm thermal printer has small paper holder, lower speed...However, we have developed a new 58mm thermal receipt printer OCPP-587 which with big paper holder,High reliability of large motor and large gear movement...but the price is very competitive.

    Here is the main feature for OCPP-587:

    * High reliability of large motor and large gear movement;
    * 130 mm/s speed print, significantly improve the printing efficiency;
    * Big paper warehouse design, the perfect support for 83MM large diameter rolls;
    * Rich interface optional: USB, COM, Internet (100M)
    * Support GB18030 large font and multi language ;
    * Supports LOGO and graphics downloads and print;
    * Supports Windows, Linux, Android and IOS system print;
    * 100M Ethernet interface, print quickly while avoiding losing bill