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    New model magnetic card reader and writer-MSR605X

    • Author:Judy Jin
    • Source:Originality
    • Release on :2018-01-27
    We have launched a new model Magnetic Card Reader and Writter MSR605X, compare with old model MSR605, it is USB port, also can charge by USB, no need extional charger. The price of MSR605X is also better than MSR605.

    Here is the Feature for MSR605X

    Magnetic Card Reader and Writter
    Reading/Writing magnetic stripe card complied with ISO/AAMVA formats
    Programming software for various read/write performance
    Sequential write function, up to 12 digits (1 up)
    All 3 tracks can set to 75/210 BPI
    Writing and verifying data on single, dual, or triple track in one swipe
    High/Low coercivity encoding circuitry selectable on screen
    Programmable leading bit, raw data, DMV/AAMVA, and user defined format
    Read and write high & low coercive force of magnetic stripe

    For more details please check here: MSR605X