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    Nigeria Famous Distributor Visited OCOM

    • Author:Judy Jin
    • Source:Originality
    • Release on :2016-07-25
    One 07/20 we are glad to have Mr. Cxx, business director of xxx company visited OCOM.  xxx company is a rapid developing enterprise, now a top-notch distributor for POS Products, like thermal printer, barcode scanner, cash drawer, bill counters... in Nigeria.

    With wholehearted sincerity, Mr. xx came China to meet OCOM team specially, Mr. Richad Hu, director of marketing and sales and Ms. Susie Shen, director of Supply chain warmly met Mr.XX. Mr. XX is a diligent and prefessional markting expert, through Mr. xx's introduction, OCOM got to know better about XX company,also the POS products marketing status in Nigeria, which is an important and developing market for OCOM. OCOM Team also introduced OCOM's portfolio, market, well know clients, products and applications, new products to Mr.xx. Through sincere commmunication, both sides get to know each other better and further, which will be beneficial for future cooperation. Believe, Under the leadership of Mr. X, with OCOM's good support, xx company will bring more and more OCOM products to Nigeria market, XX company will become No. 1 distributors for POS products in Nigeria in the nearest future.

    This is the first time Mr. xx came to China and Shenzhen, after meeting, Judy Jin accompanied Mr.
     XX look around in Shenzhen, morden, beautiful and active shenzhen city impressed Mr. xx a lot!