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OCOM passed the certification of "National High-tech Enterprise"

On November 7, 2023, according to the announcement of the National High-tech Enterprise Recognition and Management Leading Group Office, OCOM successfully passed the "National High-tech Enterprise" certification, thus officially entering the ranks of national high-tech enterprises.

OCOM Emerges as No.1 Financial Equipment Supplier in Alibaba's "Super September 2023"

OCOM Emerges as No.1 Financial Equipment Supplier in Alibaba's "Super September 2023"

"Software Copyrights" and six "Utility Model Patent" Certificates Obtained by OCOM

Congratulations to OCOM- obtain three "Software Copyrights" and six "Utility Model Patent" certificates in 15th anniversary.

OCOM Grandly Celebrate the 15th Anniversary

July 2nd, 2022, OCOM 15th anniversary celebration was grandly held at Atour S Hotel, Nanshan District, Shenzhen.
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OCOM Grandly Celebrate the 15th Anniversary

Vivian Zhou Original 2022-07-05 16:11:42

July 2nd, 2022, OCOM 15th anniversary celebration was grandly held at Atour S Hotel, Nanshan District, Shenzhen. OCOM invited all employees, representatives of their families, former employees and some of deep cooperation business partners to attend the celebration to share the joy and excitement.


At 8:30am, everyone dressed in custom-made 15th anniversary T-shirt and began to sign in, and all OCOM staff took pictures in front of the signature wall. Under the leadership of the coach, they had a outward bound training in the whole morning. Through the activities of “Grouping”, “Build Towers”, “Mine Arrays”, and “Speeding for 60 Seconds”, everyone devoted themselves to the competition, felt the encouragement and cooperation of the team. In the end, the “Raging Fire” team won the victory.


At 1:30 p.m., the company's 15th anniversary celebration ceremony officially kicked off in the splendid sound of gun salute. First of all, Ms. Yasu Shen, the founder of the company, grandly introduced the guests to everyone, and played the congratulatory videos provided by customers from all over the world. Ms. Shen sincerely expressed gratitude to the customers, suppliers and other partners who have always paid a lot attention and provided their great supports to OCOM, as well as the employees who worked and have been working hard for OCOM business and their families. Then, Mr. Han Shen, the product and supply chain director of OCOM, reviewed the company's development history and accumulation in the past 15 years, and introduced OCOM current industry development orientation in detail. Mr. Jian Hu, the chairman and general manager of OCOM, combined his life experience and introduced his original intention of establishing OCOM, as well as the company's mission, vision and belief. Mr. Hu talked about the current good situation and described the bright future. And put forward a clear development direction for the company in the next fifteen years together with six aspects of the landing path. The road in the past has been very stable, and the future development may not be easy, but the fighting spirit of OCOM will never be extinguished. “Our goals must be achieved, our goal will surely be achieved!”


At the same time, OCOM commended the staff who have joined the company for 1/3/5/10 years, and encouraged everyone to improve their abilities, enhance their sense of responsibilities, contribute value, and obtain higher benefits as the increasing working time in OCOM;


Meanwhile, OCOM released the education assistance plan for employees' children to reward the them who have achieved excellent results in the college entrance examination. Lin Xie, the daughter of product engineer BOBI, who has just completed this year's college entrance examination and got wonderful results. She has large hope to be admitted by “985” university and became the first recipient of this award. The development of the company in the next 15 years need a group of capable, responsible and dedicated teams. At the celebration event, OCOM held the equity (option) incentives signing ceremony with a group of core employees who have followed the company for many years, with the hope of working together and sharing the benefits together. At last, all attendees enjoyed 15th birthday cake, and everyone wished the company a better future!


Before the dinner, there was a "Stories Between OCOM & Me" speech contest. All OCOMers enthusiastically came to the stage to tell the unforgettable stories between she/he and OCOM, and expressed their respective gains and gratitude. Many colleagues include the guests actively performed on stage to add to the fun, and pushed the whole celebration to a peak moment with singing, dancing, happiness, and delicious wine and food.


Recalling the past, the 15 years is prosperous; looking at future, it needs to work harder to achieve much more. 15 years ago, OCOM was established, and now it has a certain position and influence in the industry. OCOM has always adhered to the principle of integrity, focused on POS industry, paid attention on company system construction, put customer as centre, pursuit of excellence, strive to be the compelling choice of customers, keep mutual benefit and win-win cooperation with partners, maintain steady growth and sound development. In the next fifteen years, OCOM will seize the opportunity, ride the wind and waves, and sail to a brighter and more splendid future.