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    OCOM Team Building Event At Shenzhen Bay Beach Park

    • Author:Monica Fu
    • Source:Originality
    • Release on :2018-05-17
    In order to strengthen the company's cultural development and enhance the Overseas sales market teamwork capabilities.Making new team members better integrate into the team, enhance the overall team cohesion and combat effectiveness. OCOM Overseas sales market department organized a team building event at Shenzhen Bay Beach Park On May 12, 2018.

    The team building event start with the collective dance of "Seaweed Dance."

    The following team games "Mind acts upon mind ","Radish squat","Crossing Minefield" and "Threesome Four Foot" All the team members participated the games. They challenge, encourage, cheer to each other and overcome psychological barriers, no one evade or give up. Each game brings different feelings and inspiration.

    Here share some wonderful pictures of games.

    This Team Building event enhanced the employees' courage and self-confidence, increased the awareness of teamwork among employees, and enhanced everyone's understanding of team strength.

    Understanding the importance of communication, cooperation, cohesion, mutual motivation, and compliance with team rules. It enhanced the OCOM family collective sense of belonging, also showed the spirit of OCOM overseas sales market team.

    We believe that ,all the OCOM Overseas sales members will be able to work together to create a new splendid chapter in the future work.

    Together we quest for the best!