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    OCOM rewards 2018 sales elite "International Five-Day Tour"

    • Author:Joy Zhou
    • Source:Originality
    • Release on :2019-10-10

    During the National Day of 2019, our sales elite who won the company's “International Five-Day Tour Award”, Doris and her friends started a five-day trip to Bali of Indonesia.

    Indonesia is an archipelago of Southeast Asia. The country traverses the equator and has 13,667 islands, which is known as the country of the thousand islands. In fact, Indonesia is a truly "land of the island".

    Doris said that the Nyang-Nyang Beach is the endless Indian Ocean. At two o'clock in the morning, take a jeep to watch the sunrise, see the Bromo volcano in Surabaya, the first surfing in Kuta, the pleasant high-profile swing, etc. These have impressed her. Regarding food, the Dirty Duck is crisp and not greasy, and the special honey sauce is very good. There are also cheeses that she likes. Indonesia has a variety of cheese-added foods, cheese pizza, cheese noodles and so on.

    Coincidentally,when Doris took a taxi, she saw our thermal receipt printer OCPP - M07 applied in the Bluebird taxi everywhere. Actually, as qualified printer supplier of Bluebird who is the biggest taxi provider in Indonesia, OCOM has delivered tens of thousands of printer there, and got a good feedback from the market.

    Doris said: I am very grateful to OCOM for providing this international tour.. There is an old saying in China that "What you say contains the road you have traveled." Every visit will make her vision more open, more passionate about her work, and she will want to make more money and live a good life.

    "Clap for the effort, and pay for the results" It is the company's values. Every year, OCOM rewards employees who have performed well in various departments in the past year. “Work hard, live happily”, We wish Doris achieve a better result. At the same time, we wish the OCOM sales team to achieve higher sales results in 2019 .