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    Plenty Of New Products Will Come Into Being In The First Quarter Of 2018!

    • Author:Harold Hu
    • Source:Originality
    • Release on :2017-12-31

           Plenty Of New Products Will Come Into Being In The First Quarter Of 2018!

    Since 2007, R & D Department was established along with OCOM's other departments. Based on fierce competition and the phenomenon of Product Life Cycle(产品生命周期现象), OCOM has been attaching much important the research and development for new products, new applications
    and new solutions.

    And, we have pumped much funds into the development of new products every year, the facts prove that: OCOM releases some new products every year, then puts into the market, and obtains some market and customers, and some receives good feedbacks from customers.

    So, we would insist on researching and developing new products which they will correspond with the demand of market or customer till forever.

    Recently, we released some new products, eg. Wireless 2D Barcode Scanner OCBS-W232(it can be done with 433MHZ & Bluetooth together, but price is same with single Bluetooth type.), POS-S001 Windows System All-In-One POS Scale With Thermal Printer,OCBC-3200 Front Loading Bill Count Machine With LED Display etc.

    More new products will come into being in the Quarter 1 of 2018,includes thermal printer, POS pc, Barcode Scanner, PDA, Magnetic Stripe Card Reader and so on.

    Last, wish everyone happy new year. Wish you will around with health, happiness, love, lucky,prosperity, and gear success throughout the new year!

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