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    The OCOM marketing department badminton tournament was successfully held!

    • Author:Vivian Zhou
    • Source:Original
    • Release on :2018-07-20

    The OCOM marketing department badminton tournament was successfully held!

    On July 14, 2018, the badminton competition of OCOM market sales department was successfully held in Shenzhen Hairun Badminton Hall. This badminton competition is divided into four parts: the ranking competition, the top eight, the semi-finals and the finals. In the end, Hans won the championship with strength, Phoebe won runner up and Vivian won third place.

    It taken half a month from planning to official start. They made clear plan, game process, every rule in strict accordance with the international competition, and strive to be fair and just. The company's marketing team used their spare time to prepare for the game. At 14:30 on July 14th, the competition officially started. From the rankings, the top eight, the semi-finals to the finals, the players are all motivated; In the finals, although the players are exhausted, they are still persistent. At the same time, the cheerleaders are also excellent, they were shouting, applause, cheering...

    An interesting story, in the final battle between Hans and Phoebe, others bet who will be the winner just like the World Cup in Russia. At the beginning, Phoebe made the scores to 12:3. At this moment, almost all of them selected Phoebe. However Hans calmly responded to find out Phoebe's weakness, gradually equalized the score, overtake, and finally won the first prize at 21:16.

    “Friendship first, competition second”, this activity enriched the sports and cultural life of employees, improved the enthusiasm of employees' fitness, and increased the atmosphere of solidarity, friendship and mutual assistance among employees and departments. It fully demonstrates the positive, hard-working and progressive spirit of the OCOM marketing team.