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    The difference between OCBS-D005 and OCBS-D004

    • Author:HANS
    • Source:Original
    • Release on :2014-12-16
                                       The difference between OCBS-D005 and OCBS-D004

    Logistics industry PDA, stock machine, hand-held

           OCOM company recently launched a new barcode scanner PromotionsOCBS-D005The new scanner from the appearance with OCBS-D004 is very similar, so there are a lot of buyers can not distinguish OCBS-D004 and OCBS-D005, where I make a detailed comparison of the two products.
    First, there are some subtle differences between these two products are the keys:

    OCBS-D005                                          OCBS-D004

    Second, the operating system on OCBS-D005 can only be achieved, barcode scanning, barcode data storage, bar code data upload, inventory, if the connection with the computer using the words, OCBS-D005 barcode can be scanned directly into EXCEL document records . But not only can achieve OCBS-D004 barcode scanners, bar code data storage, data upload, inventory, and OCBS-D004 also comes with application software installed on the computer application software can achieve more better inventory management.
    Third, OCBS-D005 model can be equipped with communications 433Mhz wireless communication, you can also select Bluetooth communication .OCBS-D004 only 433Mhz wireless or USB cable directly connected to the computer communications.