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    What are the advantages of Imaging Barcode Scanner

    • Author:HANS
    • Source:Original
    • Release on :2015-04-22
                        What are the advantages of Imaging Barcode Scanner

    Imaging Barcode Scanner,China Barcode Scanner Factory,

        From the perspective of the way up the scan, scanning engine is based on the image scanner to scan photographs of the way, the scanner emits red light is a rectangular area, next to the auxiliary light there, just to the red rectangle area Barcodes can be read cover
        Barcode Recognition from the ability to analyze, image scanners can read a variety of accurate and efficient barcode printed on paper, while supporting fast read bar codes on mobile phones and other electronic screens for popular e-coupons and tickets read directly provides an effective tool for data collection. 
    Because imaging scanner uses image processing technology, with image capture through photographs the way to scan bar codes. So excellent scanning capabilities to scan damaged barcodes, image scanning speeds comparable with the laser scanner.