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What is LCM, what is the difference between LCM and LCD

Jeremy Jiang Original 2021-09-07 15:30:13
LCM- Liquid Crystal Display Module, that is, LCD display module, liquid crystal module, which refers to the assembly of liquid crystal display devices, connectors, control and driving peripheral circuits, PCB circuit boards, backlight sources, structural parts, etc. together.

LCD-Liquid Crystal Display
, that is, display. LCD is a typical three-layer structure in which liquid crystals are placed 
between two parallel pieces of glass. There are many small vertical and horizontal wires between the two pieces of glass. The direction of the rod-shaped crystal molecules is changed through the voltage, and the light is refracted to show pictures.

The LCM liquid crystal display module is a component that assembles liquid crystal display devices, connectors, integrated circuits, PCB circuit boards, backlight sources, and structural parts. The English name is "LCD Module", abbreviated as "LCM", and Chinese is generally called "liquid crystal display module". In fact, it is a commercial component. According to the regulations of my country's relevant standards, only the integral parts that cannot be split are called "modules", and those that can be split are called "components." Therefore, the standard name should be called "liquid crystal display assembly". But because people have been accustomed to call it "module" for a long time

What is the difference between LCD and LCM

1. Font library

LCM has a font library, but LCD basically does not have a font library.

2. Composition

LCD is a liquid crystal display, which generally refers to a separate screen;

LCM is a liquid crystal display module, which includes the corresponding drive circuit and control circuit, and can be 
directly connected to the single-chip microcomputer.

LCD is a display screen (LCD liquid crystal screen), and LCM is a collection of various devices including LCD and 
chips and circuit boards that control the LCD display mode and content. It can be said that LCD is the front desk for displaying content, and LCM is the entire operating system including the front desk.

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