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    Why Bluetooth Printer Has Different Price?

    • Author:Vivian Zhou
    • Source:Original
    • Release on :2017-04-06

    Why Bluetooth Printer Has Different Price?

    Why Bluetooth Printer Has Different Price? Here I made a contrast of our OCPP-M083 and OCPP-M084 for your reference. OCPP-M084 is the cheaper one.

    Model OCPP-M083 OCPP-M084
    Print technology  Thermal line printing Thermal line printing
    Printing speed Up to 90mm/sec 80mm/s
    Paper size 80.0±0.1mm x diameter 30.0mm 79.5±0.5mm×φ40mm
    Battery capacity  2000mAh 2000mAh
    Head Life time 100km 50km
    Memory   -  -
    Accessories available  USB cable/charger/CD/paper roll USB cable/charger/CD/paper roll
    SDK & 3rd party integration availability  yes yes
    Others 1. bluetooth name and password can be changed online 1. Bluetooth name and pass word can't be changed online
    2. With screen to indicate status 2. Without Screen
    3. Baud rate and print density can be changed, 9600/115200/921600 3. Baud rate can't be changed, only 115200 as default

    4. Battery is separated from the printer, which can be replaced

    5. With Wifi option

    6. Open paper roll cover by button

    4. Battery is fixed on the housing which can’t be changed

    5. Without wifi option

    6. Without paper roll cover openning button