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    Why Thermal Printer Receipts are not Clear?

    • Author:Vivian Zhou
    • Source:Original
    • Release on :2017-05-09

    Why Thermal Printer Receipts are not Clear?

    Following conditions are applied to thermal receipt printer and thermal barcode printer!

    1. The whole receipt are not clear,

    A. Too much dust on print head. Please clean it!

    B. Adapter is aged or using a non-standard adapter, which caused lake of power supply, on this case, printer head heating may be not enough.

    C. Switched to a low level print density

    D. Bad quality thermal paper roll

    2. A small part of receipt is not clear, coating of thermal paper roll is not evenly. Or some dust on thermal paper roll.

    3. A vertical line is not clear,

    A. Dust on print head

    B. Something wrong of print head

    4. Resolution decrease progressively from one side to the other side,

    A. Cover is not tighten, contact of paper and print head is not close

    B. Bad quality thermal paper roll