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    (MSR43)Mini magnetic stripe credit card reader(MSR43)Mini magnetic stripe credit card reader

    (MSR43)Mini magnetic stripe credit card reader

    • 123 Track read
    • Manual-swipe type reader
    • Support ISO AAMVA standard
    • Bi-directional reading capability
    • Head rated 800,000 passes electronics rated 125,000 hours
    • Baud rate 9600bps  N 8 1 (Default)
    • Power supplied 3.3-5V
    • Card feeding Speed : 10 to 150 cm/sec


    Magnetic Stripe Card Reader


    i.          introduction

    MSR43 serial products are hand swipe operated magnetic card reading machine with UART interface, adopting high integrated magnetic card decoding chip. They have small electricity consumption and strong interference resistance. They comply with ISO AAMVA magnetic card decoding standard completely. It can read card bi-directionally, free to choose data with or without enter key and has intelligent lights to alert if card data is read correctly. Exquisite magnetic installation structure makes card reading more stable and reliable, which is our patented technology. Reasonable product design makes products small and compact.  


    ii.          Features

    u  123 Track read

    u  Manual-swipe type reader

    u  Support ISO AAMVA standard

    u  Bi-directional reading capability

    u  Head rated 800,000 passes electronics rated 125,000 hours

    u  Baud rate 9600bps  N 8 1 (Default)

    u  Power supplied 3.3-5V

    u  Card feeding Speed : 10 to 150 cm/sec


    iii.          Applications

    u  POS System

    u  Membership system

    u  Security Control

    u  CAT(card authorization terminal )



    iv.          Environment Requirements

    u  Ambient Temperature

    - Storage : -20 C to +70 C

    - Operating : 0 C to +60 C 

    u  Ambient Relative Humidity

    - Storage : 0 to 95%

    - Operating : 10 to 90% 


    v.          Physical Characteristics

    u  ColorBlack

    u  Weight30g

    u  CurrentLess than 10mA 

    u  Operating LocusIndoor only

    u  Power SupplyDC 3.3 - 5V

    u  Dimensions43 * 16 * 22.5 mm



    vi.          Data format

    Baud rate: 9600(Default) , 8bit data, No parity bit , Stop bit 1.



    Track 1 data


    Track 2 data


    Track 3 data




    Track 1 data


    Track 2 data


    Track 3 data



    vii.          Interface definition



    viii.          Outline drawings










    ix.          Outline drawings



















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