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    How to print image with Bluetooth printer

    • Author:Mercy Zhang
    • Source:OCOM Originals
    • Release on :2015-03-30

    In SDK, we define location and name for image in source code. And then print the image in PrintDemo. The definition is as below:

    Image name and format is icon.jpg. Location is /Mnt/SDCard. Image width ≤384dot. After that, pair and connect the printer, open PrintDemo software, press “Print Testpage”, then it can print that image out.

    In practical use, we provide SDK. Clients can revise any code based on SDK. Can add images. Can redefine image’s location, name and format. Eg., client generates a lottery image with their application, set the image format, name, size, location and save it. Then can print this image with the application.