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    OCOM 2D barcode scanner OCBS-T201 user manual notice.

    • Author:Ady Huang
    • Source:Originality
    • Release on :2016-07-06

    OCOM 2d immaging barcode scanner(OCBS-T201) is very hot selling lately with good price.But we got some doubts from our customer,why there no parper user manual with the device as before?

    OCOM reply:due to this device can read direct the barcode on the screen,so in the future,we will send electronic one to customer and won't provied paper user manual with device when dispatch.If any demands,customer also can direct contact with ocom sales or download it on http://www.ocominc.com/products/Latest-handfree-2d-immaging-barcode-scanner.html#.V3yBEbkkrs0 .

    We will try our best to support and satisfy every customer demands.

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