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    OCOM "Autumn Harvest" Sales Elite Honor Competition Awards Ceremony

    • Author:Monica Fu
    • Source:Originality
    • Release on :2018-11-05

    In this autumn harvest season, in order to integrate new employees into the team quickly, senior sales can have better Sales Performances, to fully mobilize and motivate the sales team's enthusiasm and breakthrough, and to further enhance the team's "results" combat effectiveness. OCOM organized this "Autumn Harvest" sales elite honor competition, details are as follows.

    Participants: Three sales Teams (Dream team, Gold Diggerand Nine cattle team) all sales who have been in the company for over 3 months.

    Competition  time: 2018-9-1 00:00 ~ 2018-10-31 24:00

    Bonus source:OCOM Financial Allocation

    Competition items are as follows:

    1,Personal honors:

    Total Sales Amount;

    Completion rate of Documentary Sale Amount;

    First-time dealed customers;

    Number of Alibaba trade assurance orders;

    Number of Dealed on the Reception Spot Customers.

    2, Team honors:

    The Team items are scored by the average of each members scores , 20 scores for the champion, 10 scores for the runner-up, and 0 scores for the third place.

    The bonus of the award champion team will be allocated by the team leader. The last team (the third place) need to bear alternative punishments voluntarily : all the team members run 3KM (around the Shenzhen Bay talent Park), or the team leader do deep squat 50 times.

    Till Now, the two-month-long "Autumn Harvest" sales elite honor competition was ended. Through the unremitting efforts of all the sales teams , we have achieved satisfactory results, and has selected the champion and runner-up of each project. The third team also took responsibility for their results by choosing appropriate punishment.

    Some Awards pictures as below:

    Total Sales Amount——Prize-winner: Penny Xiang, Lily Li and Vivian Zhou

    Completion rate of Documentary Sale Amount ——Prize-winner: Penny Xiang and Lily Li

    Number of first-time dealed customers, Alibaba trade assurance orders and Dealed on the reception spot customers——Prize-winner: Monica Fu,Doris Jiang and Vivian Zhou

    Champion Team——“Gold Digger

    Hope all OCOM colleagues continue to work hard for the company's and to make another splendid achievement!

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