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    OCOM upcoming new dual-mode Bluetooth Printer

    • Author:Hans
    • Source:Original
    • Release on :2014-11-11
                                              OCOM upcoming new dual-mode Bluetooth Printer

    keywords: receipt printer, thermal printer, mini thermal printer, Bluetooth printers, portable printers

            Bluetooth printer (Bluetooth printer)Bluetooth technology is used in the printer, connect the printer to get rid of the inconvenience, wireless printing, you can reduce unpleasant cables on the desktop, and can host any move away from the printer, placed in a room fit location.
           Bluetooth thermal printer OCOM have listed are OCPP-M02,OCPP-M03,OCPP-M05,OCPP-M082, Etc. At present, these printers can select a compatible Android device or IOS device. But the new Bluetooth printer OCOM independently developed by the upcoming Android devices will be compatible and IOS devices. At present, the reliability of this printer is already in the testing phase, after two months will be officially listed.