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80mm wireless handy portable Bluetooth printer80mm wireless handy portable Bluetooth printer80mm wireless handy portable Bluetooth printer

80mm wireless handy portable Bluetooth printer

  • Mini thermal printer for 80 mm thermal receipts
  • Interface: USB + RS232, USB + RS232 + Bluetooth or USB + RS232 + WIFI;
  • Print speed: MAX = 90mm / s, it depends on the print density;
  • Paper roll diameter: MAX = 40mm;
  • Battery: 7.4 V, 2000 mAh; 4 hours of charging and 4 days of standby; 
  • USB and DC charging; Special battery indicator for monitoring the power status;
  • Supports Windows, Android, Java, IOS and Win CE;  
  • A printer can be connected with multiple intelligent pos devices;
  • (Up to 7 dis pos itivi Android + 1 dis pos itivo iOS) (optional);
  • Car charger, BAG for options;
  • Supports a variety of languages;
  • Supports printing of 1D and QR codes;
  • Supports bitmap mode of raster printing;
  • Supports hexadecimal mode which facilitates development;
  • Printer name, password, pos baud rate can be changed online;
  • Free SDK for Win CE, Android and IOS.
  • Cutter: manual cutter; MCBF (life): 100 km.

80mm wireless handy portable Bluetooth printer

(Model number: OCPP - M086)



 Supports Windows, Java, Android and IOS.

 Bluetooth, wifi, USB and RS232 communication for option.

 Battery charge indicator, pos ri power or easy to understand.

 Higher print speed 90mm / sec.

 100 km TPH life. 

 Low power consumption and large capacity lithium battery.


Overall size (W × D × H)

98 × 103 × 45 mm





Effective print width


Printing method

Thermal line printing

Print commands

Set of ESC / POS compatible commands

Print speed

Up to 90mm / sec


8 dots / mm (203 dpi)

Print font

12x24 / 24x24

Column capacity

48 columns / 24 columns

Character size

1.5 x 3.0 mm (L x H) / 3.0x3.0 mm (LxA)

Paper size

80.0 ± 0.1mm x 40.0mm diameter

Thickness of the paper

0.06 to 0.08 mm

Character set

Alphanumeric / Chinese Kanji


USB, RS-232, Bluetooth, wifi (optional)

Data buffer

Up to 5 KB of bytes

Power adapter

9V DC / 2A


7.4 V DC / 2000 mA; the battery can remain charged for 4-5 days, when fully charged, it can print 120-150 m of paper

Other characteristics

Paper detection, feeding detection, manual shutdown

Working conditions

Temperature: -10 ℃ ~ 50 ℃, Humidity: 10% ~ 90%

Storage conditions

Temperature: -20 ℃ ~ 70 ℃, Humidity: 5% ~ 95%


Power plug for options


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